Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remote Task Flow as a List-of-Values (LOV) Selection Dialog

Remote Task Flow = RTF

I'd like to share a small demo in using a remote task flow configuration to be used as my list-of-input-values. Along with this demo, I'll present it while taking templates as well as a generic wrapper task flow. The generic wrapper task flow is only needed to allow us to directly expose the RTF to be configured as a NON-Page Fragment task flow. More explanations later on.

RTF is a pretty cool ADF feature which is presented in one of ADF Code Corner's presentation:

#43 How-to integrate remote task flows in your ADF applications (POJO DC Example)

So to start with, let me create my template project with my URL LOV Task Flow template as well as my wrapper task flow. Ow, also there is my LOV Page Template.


url-lov-util.xml - I'd like to point out how I'm transferring the return parameters of the RTF to the wrapper's pageFlowScope.

url-lov-util.xml - InputParameters
url-lov activity's task flow configuration. Take note, this part is exactly what the code corner article will teach you :)

Here's my project structure for the LOV Dialogs. Only thing you definitely need for this project is the template project (mentioned above). For my sample, I'll be creating two kinds of LOV, Locations and Departments, care of HR Schema.

TaskFlow design for both are pretty much the same so I'll just describe the Department scenario.


Couple notes to explain the functionality. The base class simply enforces a signature as well as a utility to directly throw parameters to the PageFlowScope starting with suffix "A". The taskflow is based on the taskflow template thus consuming taskflow would already expect the output parameters. (which really is the wrapper taskflow anyway). Besides that, everything else is still quite in the realm of adf :)

Next step is the consuming page as well as the usage of the wrapper taskflow.

Consuming Project
main-index.xml - departmentsLov activity parameters

Let's go for testing already!

And here's Location:

And that's the beginning of October.


  1. hm, very nice sharing

  2. Hi Marvin, thanks for such a good writeup. Request you to share the code for this application(s)?