Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Default your JSF Editor to Source View

I hope this quick blog will help other developers out there to get the most out of their workspace.

JDeveloper allows different view modes for your workspace such as Overview, Design and Source. For the most part, especially in the BC layer, I enjoy the declarative feature that model layer offers and of course, the source view hotkeys to auto complete my java are awesome. But I used to have a hard time working in the UI.

By default, upon opening a jsf or jspx page, the common thing you'll get is the following.

then you can refill your coffee and reply on the forum while you wait =) Then after all that wait, you'll just switch to source view to edit your jspx page.

So, to help speed things a bit. You can actually setup your properties so that it always opens by default on source code view.

Hope this helps.

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