Saturday, February 26, 2011

Passing URL Parameters Between Two (2) ADF Applications

I'll try to make this blog a quick one just in case i miss out a month end blogging hehe.

I just want to demonstrate how you can quickly redirect from one Application (with a totally different URL) to the next, while sending parameters using the go<Commands> eg. goLink.

In my example, i created two identical apps... well exactly alike but with a different title, different context root, etc. I named them ApplicationA and ApplicationB hehe.

So a quick demo of what it does:

Now for the jspx code (again they both have the same code just different titles)

And the matching adfc-config input page parameter declaration.

Quick and easy way for basic url parameters.


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  2. How can i bind application URL param(?cust_id=100) in ADF BC view object groovy expression binding variable? I should pass some value by url from other application like ebs or otm to adf(on my application loading time).

    thanks in advance


  3. i didnt get any idea from your blog that how you are doing it ??

    can you please tell me in some detail ?